UnHuman Insurrection will be the opening act for 2 shows of At the Gates

UnHuman Insurrection will be back to Russia for a double gig with At the Gates!!


UnHuman Insurrection will be the opening act for 2 shows by Arch Enemy

22/09/2017 AMAZING NEWS!!! UnHuman Insurrection will be the opening act to Arch Enemy for 2 gigs in Russia, one of those in the outstanding scenery of Glavclub (Yota Space).

2 shows which will surely be remembered!


UHI interviewed by Metal Heads Forever Magazine

18/07/2017 Thank you Metal Heads Forever, for this opportunity!!

Welcome to Alpha Omega management and regards from Metalheads Forever magazine, how have you been? How are things in the World of Unhuman Insurrection?

Thanks for the warm welcome. Things are going great, fast and better than we could have ever imagined as we started. This makes us believe and work even harder daily, loving and giving to our music more and more.

Tell us about how the band was formed and the respective roles of each member?

The band was formed at first in 2011 with a different name, project and core in all senses. Most of members were the same but we definitely had another speed (slower) and awareness of who we were and what we wanted to do. The crucial year is 2016, where UnHuman Insurrection start shaping their world, identity, breed etc. It was both something we prepared and “created” willingly and a flowing natural evolution of our being and ourselves merging together, giving birth to what we are. I have to say one of the reasons things are going so well is that each member is taking care of some specific tasks, according to his skills and possibilities. Alberto (drums) is the link between the band and the agency (Alpha Omega) for our tours and live gigs, Matteo (guitarist) is the main composer and the most active on social medias, Marco (guitarist) is the “technical guy” who’s best experienced and expert in sound engineering, instruments, live equipment / assets while Giacomo (singer) is the one who takes care of all foreign communications and interactions.

So what are you guys hailed as? Describe your unique sound to our readers.

The main link between us all is that we don’t much fit nor recognize ourselves into stereotypes. Sometimes music and emerging bands could be easily wrapped and stuck into the wish of creating something or stick to what is more or less “heard/understood” around or already functioning. Our keys, so far, have been the determination and the strong belief of blending heavy and modern rhythmic with a melodic clean vocal, because we feel this is the spontaneous intersection where each of our different backgrounds meet and where we feel expressed more. Our sound wishes to deepen and get  idea of modernity and might, yet with that hint of decadence and melancholy that is driving nowadays lives.  

Tell us about the local scene when you started as opposed to present day?

Contrarily to what usually and perhaps more logically happens, we started first far from our local scene.We simply took some great chances that landed unexpectedly, we looked ourselves into the eyes and said “hey, why don’t we just jump on this train, that seems so promising?”. And that is what it’s been. We are still focusing more on some key areas and situations abroad, in order to hit later our environments, with a different mindset and backup. But it’s coming soon as of course we don’t want to be absent nor even snob our own country.

What were some of your influences growing up bands, songs etc?

Here we 4 are quite all different. Mostly we can mention bands such as Exodus, Testament, Machine Head, Blind Guardian, Angra etc and you can surely think that neither of these ones have a direct match with our music today. And you’d be definitely right: it doesn’t, directly. But all these together, who inspired singularly each of us, have determined our blend.....

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UHI interviewed by Battle Helm

01/06/2017 Good-metal-morning friends!!! Check out UHI first interview, just published by Battle Helm!! Get to know us a little more!! \m/

Previously known as just UNHUMAN this Italian band have now changed its name to UNHUMAN INSURRECTION Anders Ekdahl ©2017

I am a word buff so when I find a band name that excites me I want to know the reason behind the choice. So how did you pick your name?

We had been specifically looking for something that represented the clear idea we had in mind: we “foresee” this future decadent world in which humanity is no longer the same and the concept itself of human being had been disrupted. We felt that UnHuman Insurrection wrapped all this, though without narrowing it down too much to a specific area, so that anyone can bring in whatever he/she feels like.

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. So what was it that made you pick the style you play?

We agree with you. Well, for us it was kinda “easy”. In an historical timeframe where it’s very easy to get stuck in a dead-end and not being able to express anything personal, we started from the very thing we knew about us: our backgrounds (which are completely different, ranging from the most extreme metal, to the cleanest and most technical power one). Starting from this point, we simply decided to write “ourselves” and create our blend, without paying to much attention what label could best stick on us. In other words, ours is a continuous search of authenticity, as we feel without it that can’t be good art.

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UHI opening act to Lacuna Coil in Russia!

14/02/2017 We couldn’t wait to announce it to you and finally it’s done!! UnHuman Insurrection will be the main support to LACUNA COIL for a spectacular gig in Russia!!!


UHI opening act to Sabaton

13/10/16 INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! Our debut on stage just couldn't have been better. UnHuman Insurrection will be the opening act to Sabaton, in Riga (Latvia).

The gig will take place in the splendid scenery of Riga Kinostudija. Indeed this night shall be remembered!

UnHuman Insurrection

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